Debanhi’s Designs

First of all I gotta say Planos Branding is AMAZING at what they do! They have worked on my website and have helped me make it more user friendly, Planos Branding customer service is on point. I was having trouble once during a drop and all I had to do was explain the issue and Planos Branding fixed it right away! They also explains how apps work so you’ll know a little of how things work but if you are like me and feel like you are always busy with new releases, orders and other things that you can’t leave someone else in charge the best to do is let Planos Branding do all the website stuff they are a pro at it and it’s money well spent! Take a look at Debanhi’s Designs website.

Services used: Planos Branding both designed and implemented advanced marketing services to help with SMS and Email marketing. We additionally brought in matching color pallets and extended them to the new custom password page as well as the checkout pages where we also implemented the new rep code system. This system allows Debanhi’s Designs to quickly track and visualize how each rep is preforming and allow her customers to checkout with the specialty codes.

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