Trendy Little Rebelz

Planos Branding has helped TrendyLittleRebelz take what was fragmented and broken and re-wrote it and built something quite amazing for us. At first we had another “web development”agency build something for us that was hardly a site. They used a free theme and knowing nothing about coding sold it to us as a “good site” when the matter of fact was I could have built something like that in my sleep. Overall the site wasn’t doing too well so we reached out to the folks at Planos Branding and they helped us build something quite amazing.

Planos Branding used a fully custom theme, paired with advanced SMS and email marketing connected to loyalty programs to the extent that we didn’t know was possible. This gave us an amazing ROI and we haven’t been happier! Planos Branding also setup things like custom emails (not just forwarding!! yay!!), Facebook shop and consulting for both Tiktok Ads and Facebook Ads.

Trendy Little Rebelz was able to take their business past what they thought was possible, it’s your turn! Fill out the inquiry form to get a free over-the-phone consult.

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